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At WireFlare we live by our core values and we pass that love onto our customers. We are collaborative, innovative, fun, honest and competitive. These core values teamed with our desire to help your business flourish make our goal unique. We don't just build websites, we help consumers and companies build their brand. This is our culture and our motivation to get up every morning ready to kick ass!

Our talented team of web chemists, marketing monkeys, code gobblers and cappuccino cowboys are always available to answer any questions and help with any issues that might arise. Our support and understanding of each product is paramount to our competition. Our clients are for life and your success is our mission.

The process of web development and design is vitally important in the achievement of your goals and brand awareness. At WireFlare we have a true and tried process that allows us to maximize the creativity, marketing, user engagement and conversion. We understand and optimize the natural flow of a brilliant web design.

Our process consists of overview, planning, research/ideas, information architecture/site map, wireframes, mock-ups, implementation, testing/customer satisfaction and completion. We also offer A/B Testing, heat mapping and user experience testing. We're great at what we do. Give us a call and let us show you how much we care about your success.

Sacramento Web Design Philosophy
Core Values - CINCH

Collaborative, Innovative, The Fu"N" Variable, Competitive, Honest


As a team we are stronger and can contribute more. Our shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus.


We relentlessly search for better solutions and challenge each other. We make thoughtful changes and double down on the winner and learn from the losers.

The Fu"N" Variable

"N" is a variable, but why? Because our team has FUN with this value. They make it their own and pick a value that best represents them and what they stand for.


We constantly challenge ourselves to take better care of our team members. Our job is preparing a highly-skilled performer to do the best they can do.


Honesty is what makes us proud. It's beautiful and simple. This straightforward value gives us a framework for making corporate and individual decisions.

WireFlare Non-Profit Grants
Giving Back

WireFlare awards annual grants to nonprofits that include web and marketing development to better communicate their message.

We believe it is the responsibility of people and businesses to help ensure the success of nonprofits. WireFlare is involved with economic development and human services.

Each grant will include:

  • A brand new website
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Content editing and development
  • Training for your team to update the website
  • A Premium Shared Hosting package free for 1 year

Eligible nonprofits include those headquartered in and serving within, but not limited to, Sacramento County. If you have questions, please call (916) 226-5806.

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