How do I cancel my TRUSTe Privacy Policy subscription? Print

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Log into your account. Click on "Services" and then on "My Services", next to the service named "TRUSTe Privacy Policy" click "View Details".

Once on the product management page click on the tab labeled "Management Actions" then click "Request Cancellation" to cancel your subscription to TRUSTe Privacy Policy or TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal. Type a brief reason for cancelling your subscription, and click "Request Cancellation". A message confirms that you have successfully requested cancellation of your subscription. It will become inactive on the expiration date of your current subscription.  Immediate cancellation is not available for TRUSTe.

If you want to remove the TRUSTe Privacy Policy, or Privacy Policy and Seal, before the subscription expiration date, you can do so by removing the TRUSTe code snippets from your web site code.

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