Can I upgrade my SSL Certificate? Once you purchase a certificate, we can't upgrade it. However, if you need a more secure... Do I need technical expertise to set up an SSL certificate on my web site? Installing a certificate is not difficult, but it does involve a process that's specific to... Do SSL certificates work in all web browsers? SSL Certificates are compatible with 99.9% of all browsers, including all major web browsers. Do you sell chained certificates? Yes, all of our certificates are chained to a CA (certificate authority). How do visitors know what kind of SSL certificate I'm using? To find out what SSL certificate you use, visitors simply click the lock icon in their... How does an SSL certificate work? An SSL certificate is a file installed on the web server that a web site is running on. This... I changed web servers and my certificate no longer works. Can I get the certificate reissued? Yes. On your new web server, generate a new CSR for your certificate. Contact the certificate... The domain I want to secure is not in my account, can I still buy an SSL Certificate? Yes you can. The domain you wish to secure doesn't need to be in your account or even registered... What benefit is there to purchasing a higher validation certificate? Low assurance certificates encrypt the connection. Higher validation certificates perform the... What does the green address bar do? The green address bar gives an intuitive visual cue that your business is legitimate. The green... What is SGC? Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) was developed for legacy computers and browsers that only... What is SSL, and what is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an encryption layer that encodes... What is a CA? CA stands for certificate authority. A CA is the company issuing the SSL certificate. What is a CSR? CSR stands Certificate Signing Request. A CSR is a special key generated by a web server using... What is the difference between a domain validation certificate and higher assurance certificates? Domain Validation certificates authenticate that the purchaser of the cert... Why do I need an SSL certificate for my site? If your site sends or receives sensitive information, customers expect it to be secured with an... Why is the brand of certificate important? Functionally, all certificates with the same level of encryption perform similarly. However,...
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