How do TRUSTe products save me money? Print

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TRUSTe Privacy Policy, through its wizard, allows you to create, post, and maintain a privacy policy at minimal expense. It’s far less expensive than hiring an attorney or consultant, or spending the time to research and write a privacy policy on your own.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal gives you all the convenience of the wizard, and displays the TRUSTe Seal to show your customers that your business’s privacy policy has been examined and certified by the leader in privacy policy certification. That translates to lower abandonment rates and more revenues. In addition, the certification process associated with the TRUSTe Seal alerts you to discrepancies between your privacy policy and practices, before they result in costly conflicts with customers. Finally, if TRUSTe receives complaints about your business, they mediate a solution between you and your customer.

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